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Educational Support & Product Solutions

ProVetLogic Continuing Education Provider

ProVetLogic Continuing Education Provider

ProVetLogic Continuing Education Provider

Since 2010, ProVetLogic has and continues to provide continuing education and staff training for veterinary professionals, kennel staff, shelter employees and zookeepers.

The rise of infectious agents such as avian flu, canine influenza, canine parvovirus, feline panleukopenia and Covid-19 has increased the need for not only effective cleaning/disinfecting solutions, but also protocols and standard operating procedures that are designed to keep the animals in your care and your employees safe.

Please take the opportunity to access the wide range of educational tools on this website, and to contact us for additional information and technical support.

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Animal Care and Disease Prevention Protocols

Here is a quick list of ideas to see if your facility is providing the best care that it could

1. Regular cleaning: Animal care facilities should establish and follow regular cleaning protocols to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. See No Paws Zone
2. Disinfection procedures: Effective disinfection protocols should be implemented to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the health of animals. See Hot Zones
3. Proper waste management: Animal care facilities should have proper waste management protocols to dispose of animal waste safely and efficiently.
4. Equipment cleaning: Regular cleaning of equipment used in animal care, such as cages, bowls, and toys, is essential to prevent contamination and maintain a healthy environment. See Kennel Maintenance
5. Staff training: Adequate training should be provided to staff members on animal care cleaning protocols to ensure they understand and follow the necessary procedures.
6. Record-keeping: Maintaining detailed records of cleaning activities and protocols helps in monitoring compliance and ensuring consistency in cleaning practices.
7. Environmental considerations: Animal care facilities should consider eco-friendly cleaning products and practices to minimize the impact on the environment.
8. Disease control: Animal care cleaning protocols should focus on disease prevention and control by incorporating appropriate disinfectants and cleaning techniques.
9. Quarantine procedures: Establishing quarantine protocols for new animals helps prevent the introduction and spread of diseases within the facility.
10. Regular evaluation: Ongoing evaluation of cleaning protocols is crucial to identify areas of improvement and ensure the effectiveness of the protocols.

Disease Prevention Varies Among Differing Species

Understanding species-specific toxicity is critical because what might be safe for a dog may not be safe for cats or birds. At ProVetLogic, we are committed to making the animal world a better place by providing innovative solutions that prioritize the well-being of all creatures. Our range of disinfectants and cleaning products has been rigorously tested to ensure their safety and effectiveness across various species. From kennels and catteries to stables and barns, we have you covered with our specialized kits and solutions. Trust ProVetLogic for a cleaner, healthier environment for your beloved animals.

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Making the animal world a better place

Our mission is to make the animal world a better place through education and through the introduction of products that are designed to create a safer and healthier environment for animals and their care providers. Together, we can make the animal world a better place!

Our disinfectants are on EPA’S N-List for effectiveness against COVID-19


Covid-19 is impacting businesses in a variety of ways.

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Why Trust ProVetLogic

ProVetLogic Clean TechnologyProfessional Animal Care Providers are facing many new challenges today. Facility maintenance, disease prevention, odor control and the environment now need to be integrated in their approach. Training new hire personnel, as well as providing continuing education to existing staff can be very costly and time consuming.

The ProVetLogic Educational Support Team has developed an easy-to-follow educational series with a focus on “Disease Prevention & Odor Control in the Professional Animal Care Environment.  Our products reflect our commitment to our process.


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