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The ProVetLogic Difference

1. Multispecies approach to product chemistry: When you learn about ProVetLogic you will immediately notice that our Animal Facility Disinfectant is truly a multispecies solution, providing single use applications for dogs, cats, horses, hoof stock, primates birds and reptiles.

2. Finding the right solution for the situation: We offer and will help you in the selection of the right solution for a specific concern, task and/or situation.

3. ZONE approach to protocol development and implementation: Our team of trained sales representatives and technicians will help you
develop and implement protocols based on the specific area, species and facility requirements.z

4. Customer service support: Our representatives are there to help support you and your team in implementing an effective facility cleaning program.

5. Giving back: Whether through our national support of the Species Survival Plan or through our local S.T.A.R. (Stand Together and Rescue) Program, which provides financial support to local shelters for food, maintenance and medical expenses, ProVetLogic is proud to support a wide variety of animal causes.

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About The ProVetLogic Mission

When people ask about ProVetLogic we note that our mission is to make the animal world a better place through education and through the introduction of products that are designed to create a safer and healthier environment for animals and their care providers.

Why ProVetLogic

The Professional Animal Care Provider is facing many new challenges today, as it relates to facility maintenance, disease prevention, odor control and the environment. Training new hire personnel, as well as providing continuing education to existing staff can be very costly and time consuming. The ProVetLogic Educational Support Team has developed an easy-to-follow educational series with a focus on “Disease Prevention & Odor Control in the Professional Animal Care Environment.

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About ProVetLogic

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