Aquatic Animal Health Through Healthy Bacteria

Aquatic Animal Health through healthy bacteria not only eliminates fish waste and food accumulation but also improves water quality and clarity, reduces toxin buildup and eliminates odors – but what truly these products different is this; our formula “Uses nature to clean nature!”
That means you don’t have to worry about adding chemicals to your tank or any toxic byproducts because we use healthy bacteria to reduce ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate.
Keeping fish and plants healthy in a tank is a synchronized swim off: buffering pH, removing ammonia and nitrites, detoxifying heavy metals, managing chlorine (and chloramines) and restoring electrolytes and slime coat.
TankMedic Conditioner uses 11 different active ingredients to eliminate the bad stuff all while adding electrolytes and protective slime coat to the tank. TankMedic replaces and achieves the results that normally require 4 different products. From hobbyists to the professional breeder, TankMedic will make your aquarium water healthier and the fish happier.

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