Bio-Security Sanitation System Special

bio-security Our most popular kit, this complete kit includes everything needed to setup and implement an effective “Disease Prevention” protocol. Veterinarian’s especially like these features:

  • 1 – ProLoc Wall-Mounted Dispensing System
  • 4- ½ Gallons – ProVetLogic Professional Disinfectant
  • 1 – “HOT ZONE” Spray Bottle Kit
  • 1 – ProVetLogic Hard Copy Educational Manual and free access to an On-Line Hot Zones Continuing Education Course.

The Bio-Security Sanitation System offers an effective, economical and safe alternative for implementing your “Disease Prevention and Odor Control Protocol.” The Bio-Security Sanitation System will help you create a species and area specific cleaning protocol. The easy to install and operate Pro-Loc Wall-Mounted Dispensing System and innovative half-gallon ProVetLogic Professional Disenfectant container make it virtually impossible to waste product, while at the same time ensure consistent efficacy for over thirty (30) animal specific kill claims. Zoos and other large animal facilities may wan to read our special report. Download our Free Zoological Brochure for more information.

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