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ProMop 18 InchProMop Complete Bucketless Mop Cleaning System

with Microfiber Technology

ProMopOur new ProMop Bucketless Mop System is the perfect companion to our V99 ProLoc Wall-Mounted Dispensing System. Dispense the solution directly into the reservoir tank.

Complete system includes 18” Frame, 32 oz. dispensing bottle and 54” handle. Removable dispensing bottle features a wide opening for easy filling and clean out. Translucent, graduated dispensing bottle identifies fill level in both ounces and milliliters. Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue.

Or pump Animal Facility Concentrated Disinfectant directly into the reservoir tank and fill with water. Spray the pre-measured solution on the floor with a simple squeeze of the ergonomic palm trigger.

  • 18 inch cleaning path
  • 28 ounce capacity reservoir tank
  • Can cover up to 3,000 square feet
  • Use our color coded Microfiber Wet Mop pads to implement an effective RED/GREEN, “HOT ZONE” Cleaning Protocol
pro-mounted wall system Container Pump Squeeze handle
Fill pre-measured solution directly from our V99 Wall-Mounted System

Or, pump concentrate directly from our containers and fill with water

Squeeze the ergonomic handle to spray the pre-measured solution

Apply Solution Low Profile Access Easy mop head removal

Apply the solution evenly over the floor surface

Low profile access

Easy mop removal