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Scottsboro High School Marching BandBuy New Uniforms for the Scottsboro High School Band

Bands at football games are as ubiquitous as soft drinks and hot dogs.  Most people don’t realize that the majority of funds that schools dedicate to football programs are focused on the teams, with little going to the band.

Our situation is no different.  The Scottsboro Band Boosters are trying to raise over $53,000 dollars for new band uniforms.

A new uniform cost around $350.00.  That’s in addition to what band parents pay for shoes, bibbers, gloves and instruments.

The uniforms the SHS band students are wearing are over 12 years old.  And even though they take care of them, they need to be replaced.

ProVetLogic is a nationally recognized company with over 100 distributors in most states, but our headquarters is in Scottsboro, Alabama. We believe that local companies have a responsibility to help the next generation achieve the goals they have set for themselves. We want to encourage other local companies to see the value that we see in keeping a top notch band.

Our band students put in long hours after school almost every day.  They make sacrifices to be on the field.  The ability to read and play music is equivalent to learning a second language.  As employees, these students will be sought after because you can assign them a task and expect them to follow through.  Band is the place where they learn how to do that.

Please take a moment to visit the Band Boosters page and commit to helping the band reach this goal.  You contributions are tax deductible.

If you would like to discuss how you can help, call John Langlois at 1-256-776-1499.