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Cattery Products

Cattery Products

Cattery Products

Cattery Products

Over the last few years, and especially during the pandemic, more and more people adopted cats and especially those who moved from the office to the home for work. This was especially true in larger cities. As people began to go back to the office animal shelters across the country started to see a dramatic increase in their cat population. Even today, sheltered cats can outnumber dogs by up to 3-to-1. 

ProVetLogic is proud to be a leader in the research and development of products and protocols that are designed specifically for the care of cats in the home, shelter and zoo environments.

Certain ingredients can cause upper respiratory infections in cats and kittens and should be avoided including:

  • peroxide
  • chlorine
  • acids and
  • other cleaners with extremely high or low pH values.

Cattery Cleanup Protocols

Be sure to read our cattery cleanup protocols and call with any questions.


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