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Using renewable energy to manufacture environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

ProVetLogic Solar Panels

It Features:

  • 300 Kilowatt Solar Energy System
  • 1300 Photovoltaic Panels
  • Generates 1/3 of ProVetLogic’s total Energy


In 3 months, through the use of a Solar Energy System, ProVetLogic manufacturing generates enough energy to:

ProVetLogic manufacturing, located in Bern Township, Pennsylvania, has installed a solar energy system that is the largest in Berks County and the seventh largest in the State of Pennsylvania.

Energy Monitoring

  • Operate a TV for 1,003,964 hours
  • Power 1,111 computers
  • Power 13 homes for one year

The energy savings is equivalent to the pollution that an average passenger car emits over 30 years.
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Globally Harmonized System