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Cleaning Tools

Sanitary Tools

Cleaning Tools Prevent Disease Transmission

Cleaning Tools by ProVetLogic are your first line of defense in reducing cross-contamination and allergens. Manufactured with FDA Compliant & Autoclavable Materials, these tools are manufactured using the highest quality and most durable materials available.

Contact us to discuss ways you can decrease contamination through the use of cleaning tools, hot zone management techniques and products with effective kill claims. This is more than just a process.  It’s a vital step on a journey to animal health.  It helps break the cycle of transmission and re-infection that occurs in day to day activities, such as feeding, cleaning or grooming.

Toolology Applications:

  • Equine/Large Animal Feed (color code for specific diets)
  • Kennel, Stall and Large Animal Containment
    Organic Soil Removal
  • (color code to minimize cross-contamination)
  • Animal and Livestock Research Facilities (can be autoclaved) Meat, Dairy, Seafood and Poultry Processing (made from FDA-compliant materials)

Call us at 1-800-869-4789 to discuss specific applications.


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