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Correctly Diluted Cleaners Lower Costs and Promote Safety

ProVetLogic TouchPoint cleaner dilutionVeterinary hospitals, animal shelters, clinics and zoos have all seen improvements in the way their cleaner dilution supplies can be used.  In the past, the pour and stir method resulted in wasted cleaners and employees exposed to chemical burns or respiratory issues.

Today, cleaner dilution chemical mixing devices help end-users automatically achieve the correct chemical dilution ratio and be more precise for specialized applications.

This movie features Larry Shively from ProVetLogic as he visits an animal hospital in Huntsville, Alabama.
In addition to the insights gained from this movie, you can also get specific training on how to use and clean animal care areas on the free, continuing education portion of our site.

Cleaner Dilution Using The DSG Solution Station

DSG Solution Station Details

AccuMax Wall-Mounted Dilution System

Looking for a less expensive way to keep the economics of dilution and reduce the labor costs at the same time?

Try the AccuMax 35581 Filling Station

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