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The Cattery Cleanup Kit and Animal Disinfectant

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Why A Cattery Cleanup Protocol for Feline Areas is Different

Selecting an effective cleaner disinfectant:

Webster defines a cattery a “an establishment for the breeding and boarding of cats.”

Not all cleaner disinfectants have been tested and/or proven effective against feline specific infectious agents. The product must be E.P.A. Registered and list the approved infectious agent kill claims on the label or provide direction as to where to find the complete list of claims.

Certain ingredients can cause upper respiratory infections in cats and kittens and should be avoided including:

  • peroxide
  • chlorine
  • acids and
  • other cleaners with extremely high or low pH values.

 Cattery Cleanup protocol Effective Against Infectious Agents

  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Feline Infectious
  • Peritonitis
  • Feline Leukemia Virus
  • Feline Panleukopenia
  • Feline Picornavirus
  • Feline Rhinotracheitis
  • Salmonella
  • E-coli
  • Ringworm
  • and more!

Establish an Effective Cattery Clean-up Protocol

What smells good to you and me, may in fact be very offensive to a cat’s olfactory sense or ability to smell.

Animal Facility Disinfectant is formulated with a mild fragrance that smells great, but dissipates quickly.

ProVetLogic, a leader in providing educational support and product solutions specifically for the care of cats (big & small), as designed a complete kit for reducing the spread of infectious agents in the home, business and transport vehicle.

The Cattery Kit is an excellent alternative for:

  • Feline Rescue Groups
  • Animal Shelter Catteries
  • Hospital Catteries
  • Pet Store Feline Adoption Teams
  • Transport Vehicles
  • Carriers, Cages & Crates

How to Properly Clean and Deodorize a Cat Crate

Here are 3 quick take aways

1). Never use bleach.  Cats can absorb the bleach through the pads in their feet and it can kill them.
2). Use a disinfectant product that is EPA registered with certified kill claims for the issue concerned.
3). Avoid products with very low or very high pH.  These can harm the crate.

Cattery Cleanup Protocol

Use the AcuPro Measure and Pour Bottle to fill:

Cattery Cleanup Protocol Mop Bucket

Mop Bucket

Cattery Cleanup Protocol Refillable Canister


Use Animal Facility Disinfectant solution to clean:




Litter Boxes

Litter Boxes




Cattery KitThe Cattery Cleanup Kit Includes:

Animal Facility Disinfectant – AcuPro 1/32 Ounce AcuPro bottle accurately measures 1/2 and 1-ounce intervals. One 32-ounce bottle can make over 5,000 wet wipes!

Refillable Canister – 1 Each Refillable and reusable with a spring loaded lid to keep wipes moist

Refillable Towel Rolls –  2/160 Count These durable wipes stand up to textured tables and surfaces

32 Ounce Measuring Cup –  Mix 1-ounce of Animal Facility Disinfectant with 32-ounces of water to saturate the refillable towel roll

Cage Brush –  Made with FDA compliant materials and dishwasher safe

Cattery Protocol Display – A step-by-step process for cleaning a cattery

The Cattery Cleanup Kit Includes:

This product is E.P.A. tested and approved effective against Feline Panleukopenia.

The Cattery Cleanup Kit  – 4 Pack

This product makes up to 128 usable gallons. E.P.A. tested and approved effective against Feline Panleukopenia.

Cattery Products

The Cattery Cleanup Protocol

The ProVetLogic Cattery Cleanup Protocol