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Resting Cat on Customer Reviews

Resting Cat

Customer Testimonials for ProVetLogic:

Our valued customers consistently praiseProVetLogic for its exceptional performance in ensuring cleanliness and safety for animals across various settings, including veterinary clinics and animal shelters.

Our solutions have garnered widespread acclaim for their unmatched effectiveness and unwavering reliability. By choosing ProVetLogic, you can confidently make a positive impact in the realm of animal care. Join our esteemed clientele today and witness the remarkable difference firsthand.

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ProVetLogic Product and Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews of ProVetLogic

ProVetLogic Responsibly Formulated

We asked ProVetLogic customers to review our products and service. The customer reviews below are their candid responses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Works great

Pumps without leaking.

Deluxe Dispensing Pump for 5 Gallon Pail

Great product and the price for the amt is just right!

Perfect size for hand scrubbing

A dog puked BIG last night in my kennel and I was able to put my brush to the test. That thing was perfect in scrubbing the ick, the dirt and I was especially impressed with how easy I was able to then clean/sanitize the brush itself

Snug fit keeps water out.

We like how they fit and the way we can clean and re-use them.

Pet Laundry Detergent 5-Gallons

Our team loves this product! We brought in a small bottle previously and are now bringing it in by the 5-gallon. So worth it!

Excellent product. Very quick shipping. Thanks!

Thank you for the great review. It will help us along our way to getting Google to recognize our other good reviews.

Love the Self Contained Sprayer

This thing is really convenient. I don't have to wear a hazmat suit.
We use it to clean the chicken coop and it really controls the odor.

Great Value

Next time I will probably order a dozen.

Great for the Coop

The self-contained sprayer makes using this on the chicken coop and easy project.

Great product

Ease in ordering and timely delivery! The first time I used the spray for my macaw’s cage and area, I felt comfortable with the results. Thank you!

Amazing Customer Care

Such a breeze to order via phone and answered a lot of questions

Thank you for the kind note. If you think of any ideas, such as a 'speed dial list' for phone users, let us know.

ProFoam 2 Sprayer works well

I used the ProFoam 2 sprayer to apply Stable environment to my "Portable Poultry Palace." It distributed to foam exactly as I had hoped it would. The sturdy construction meant it survived when I dropped it.

ProMOP Bucketless Mop
Shellie Campbell

ProMOP Bucketless Mop Cleaning System

Thank you for the 5-star rating. The ProMop is now available as a complete system. See https://provetlogic.com/promop-bucketless-mop-cleaning-system-starter-kit/

Great Product

We love PoVetLogic


We have four dogs and this is the only laundry detergent that truly removes pet odor and stains!

Love the Kit

We love the economy of getting the sprayer and the Kennel and Turf care in a bundled price.

WHO DONE IT? Pet Odor Eliminator
Diane Strickland
Thank goodness I found a product that works!

What a great name "Who Done It?" I've adopted 2 dogs in the last year and sadly they weren't potty trained as well as I had hoped. My children said my "house smelled" The blue light showed stains all over my rug. I've been working on the stains and slowly they're disappearing. The newer stains disappeared almost immediately. Thank you for the rapid delivery.

Kennel & Turf Care: Great Product

Have been using this monthly for 4 years on the artificial turf in my back yard and it works great to minimize or eliminate the odor form my Standard Poodle Service Dog's urine. Easy to apply using ProVetLogic's foamer and then rinse off using sprinklers. Very pleased; thank you ProVetLogic.

Animal Facility Disinfectant - (4) 1 gallon Bottles


Always quick shipping! Who Done It is always a MUST have in my house with 4 cats!

Best stuff we have found

By far the best stuff we have used.
Well worth a couple extra dollars vs the odor covering crud at the big box home improvement stores.

ProVetLogic Kennel & Turf Care One Shot

Finnessé Premium Pet Wash with Odayaka Fragrance
John Langlois3
We used this when the old shampoo was discontinued

The coat is soft, the dog doesn't scratch and the smell is great. What else can you ask a shampoo to do?

The Cattery Cleanup Kit
Colleen Shively
Cattery Clean UP Kit Review

Great value for the price! That canister is the "cat's meow" ~ so convenient and easy to use and the towels inside are stong and sturdy. Love that there is a measuring cap on the top of the Animal Facility Disinfectant so it's an all-in-one product and the cage brush is high quality also. Thank you ProVetLogic for thinking about the cats!

Great when disease transmission concerns are important

We like the ability to switch handles on this one. Probably the best feature is that we can autoclave it to make sure it is really clean.