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ProVetLogic Dispensing Systems and Tools

dispensing systems and toolsOur dispensing systems and tools provide effective ways to use products to clean the animal environment without harming the animals.

These systems help caregivers dispense cleaning solutions and controlling product efficacy.  Our ProLoc Systems greatly reduce and/or eliminate the FREE-POUR method of dispensing concentrated chemicals.
These systems can help you create area and species specific cleaning protocols:

  • General Cleaning/Disinfecting
  • Isolation (CPV)
  • Feline
  • Bird

Using ProVetLogic’s dispensing tools will make your animal care more effective and less expensive.The easy to install and operate Pro-Loc Wall-Mounted Dispensing System and innovative half-gallon ProVetLogic Professional Disinfectant container make it virtually impossible to waste product, while at the same time ensure consistent efficacy for over thirty (30) animal specific kill claims

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  • Pump for 5 gallon containers

    1 oz Deluxe Dispensing Pump for 5 Gallon Pail

  • Push Dispenser

    1 oz Deluxe Dispensing Pump-1 gallon bottle

  • Touch Free Soap Dispenser

    Automatic Touch Free Soap Dispenser

  • DSG Solution Station

    DSG Solution Station-Large Container Dispenser

  • Sale! Hospital Starter Kit

    Hospital Starter Kit

    $670.00 $475.00
  • dispensing systems and tools

    Hot Zone Sanitation System

  • On/Off Faucet

    On/Off Faucet for 2.5 Gallon Bottle

  • Foam Gun

    Pro Foam 2 Multi-Dilution Gun

  • ProLoc Wall Mount dilution System

    ProLoc Wall-Mounted Dilution System

  • Pump Dispenser

    Push -N-Pump 1 oz Dispenser for 2.5 Gallon Bottles


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