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Dispensing systems for animal care have become increasingly relevant in managing the well-being of various animals. These systems offer convenient and efficient methods for dispensing food, medication, and other necessities to ensure the proper care and maintenance of animals. The automation and precision of these systems make them highly beneficial for both pet owners and professionals in the veterinary and animal care industry. By streamlining the process of dispensing, these systems contribute to the overall health and welfare of animals. See the USDA for more information.

Using ProVetLogic’s dispensing tools will make your animal care more effective and less expensive. The easy to install and operate Pro-Loc Wall-Mounted Dispensing System and innovative half-gallon ProVetLogic Professional Disinfectant container make it virtually impossible to waste product, while at the same time ensure consistent efficacy for over thirty (30) animal specific kill claims.

Dispensing Systems for Every Need

Clients using ProVetLog Kennel and Turf Care will often use the ProFoam 2 Multi-Dilution sprayer.
Larger scale requirements should also consider the DSG Solution Station.

The video below will help you understand the day-to-day use of the V99 Dispensing system.