Dr. Steven Lang, DVM at ProVetLogic

Dr. Steven Lang

Dr. Steven Lang

We are excited to announce that Dr. Steven R. Lang, DVM has joined the ProVetLogic Team. Dr. Lang will be working with us to provide educational and product support throughout the State of Georgia.

Dr. Lang got his first taste of veterinary medicine in the sixth grade when he rescued and cared for an injured bird until it could fly on its own.

Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, he completed an internship at a local veterinary clinic (East Cobb Veterinary Clinic) while attending Walton High School. 

After graduating in 1991, he then went on to the University of Georgia where he completed a BS degree in Zoology.

During college, he spent a lot of time working at local veterinary clinics, emergency clinics, animal laboratories, and volunteering at rescue and animal control facilities. 

Dr. Lang earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia Veterinary School in 2001. He went to work at the East Cobb Veterinary Clinic as a general practitioner, and then became the practice owner in 2006. Animal health, safety, and preventative medicine are Dr. Lang’s top priorities.

Dr. Lang has recently joined the ProVetLogic team to focus on education and disease prevention, which can often be the first step before vaccinations, diagnostics and medication.

You can reach Dr. Lang via his direct phone line at 256.244.9150 or by sending an email to: ugadawgdoc@provetlogic.com.