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Equine and Large Animal Products

ProVetLogic has worked with large animal care providers to develop specific cleaning protocols and large animal products because of the unique materials used in equine and large animal care.

Equine and Large Animal Horse VetBe sure to see the Stable Environment Detailer.

At ProVetLogic we recognize that there is no one cleaning product or protocol for every area of the animal care environment and that every species, enclosure or habitat presents its own unique cleaning challenge. That’s why we focus on creating products to serve the equine and large animal caretakers.

V09 STABLE Environment for Equine and Farm_Product Detailer


ProVetLogic is your trusted source for equine care solutions. From odor control to respiratory issues, we provide innovative products that make a positive impact on the animal world.

With a focus on excellence and integrity, our talented team is dedicated to creating a better environment for horses and large animals. Explore our range of equine and large animal products today and discover the difference ProVetLogic can make.

The Stable cleaner system, Barn & Coop Cleaning Kit with STABLE Environment Bioenzymatic Cleaner is the safe and environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning and deodorizing stables, barns, poultry coops, zoo realms and any interior or exterior large animal holding area.

This kit will clean an estimated 15,000 square feet.