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Equine and Large Animal Products

Stable Environment for Equine & Large Animal 2024Equine and Large Animal products are specially formulated for use in stables and zoos.

At ProVetLogic we recognize that there is no one cleaning product or protocol for every area of the animal care environment and that every species, enclosure or habitat presents its own unique cleaning challenge. That’s why we focus on creating products to serve the equine and large animal caretakers. Parasites, bacteria and viruses thrive in organic matter or “THE HOST”. Standard cleaners and disinfectants can be ineffective in completely eliminating “THE HOST”. Our team has developed solutions and techniques for the effective and safe removal of “THE HOST”.

Establishing Enviro-Sensitivity Zones is a proactive approach to effectively minimizing odors caused by animal feces and urine deposits and controlling the amount of toxic runoff that may enter the environment. Many of the surfaces materials used in the design and construction of animal habitats are extremely porous and can harbor odor and disease causing microorganisms. At ProvetLogic we believe that the spread of infectious agents can be controlled effectively, safely and economically through the implementation of a consistent and sustained cleaning protocol.

Zoo Testimonial

Contact us to discuss how our products eliminated serious odor problems at several prestigious zoos, while also protecting the olfactory sense of several large animals.

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