Hair and Skin Therapy

Hair and Skin Therapy For Home, Groomers, Kennel or Clinic

When searching for hair and skin therapy products consider ProVetLogic’s All Natural Pet Supplies.

Ultra Skin Therapy

They provide EXCELLENT treatment for generalized or localized skin conditions, such as moist or dry patches of skin.  They are also effective in the control of scaling and odor. Many skin and coat abnormalities can be defined as being in one of these categories:

  • Environmental – Including home, yard ad traveling containers
  • Nutritional – Dietary deficiencies can exacerbate itching. Consult your veterinarian.
  • Parasitic – Not only fleas, but mites and even internal parasites.  See the vet.
  • Allergic – Pets are sensitive to household cleaners.

There are more, but you get the point. Treating your animals is a year round job.  In winter, especially in colder climates, pad protection is important. Dogs also suffer insect bites and a variety of skin conditions. 

Our new Ultra Skin Therapy product is designed to help. (Not recommended for cats.)

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