How to Clean a Crate to Stop the Spread of the Parvo Virus

Parvo Virus Veterinarians throughout the country are reporting a rise in cases of Canine Parvovirus. The virus has mutated into a more virulent strain, making it harder to kill. In the past, veterinarians would recommend the use of a bleach solution to kill the virus in the home, but more and more studies have shown that household bleach doesn’t kill the virus and both businesses and homeowners are afraid to use the solution, as it will damage surfaces and cause upper respiratory problems in both humans and animals. More and more veterinarians across the country are recommending ProVetLogic Spray & Wipe Disinfectant (sample marketing sheet attached), which is the only animal specific, EPA Registered Ready-To-Use Disinfectant that is effective against Canine Parvovirus.

Did you know that a number of viruses, including Canine Influenza Virus is spread through dog hair and that many groomers are unaware of this fact? Professional animal care providers and home pet owners are more knowledgeable than ever and are becoming more savvy when selecting products for their pets. Whether it’s a grain free food or all-natural shampoo, it’s what’s on the label that gets their attention.

ProVetLogic’s Spray and Wipe is the only EPA Registered, Ready-To-Use Animal Specific Cleaner on the market that is effective against Canine Parvovirus.

  • No-mixing and no-mess
  • Strong enough for the professional, but safe enough for the home pet owners.
  • Helps to control pet-to-pet cross-contamination in the business and home environment.

Proper Crate Cleaning Technique to Kill Parvo Virus

This picture illustrates how to clean a crate with spray and wipe. how to clean a crate

  • Spray and Wipe

    ProVetLogic Animal Care Spray & Wipe Disinfectant – Case

  • Animal Facility Starter Kit

    Animal Facility Disinfectant Refillable Wiping System – Starter Kit


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