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How To Use ProVetLogic Products

Protocols for Using Animal Facility Disinfectant

Using the proper tool matters, but only if you use it properly.

If you would like additional training on an effective protocol to minimize exposure in your animal facility, take a look at our Continuing Education course, HotZones. (This link will take you to our separate site.)

The PDF image below will detail for you the protocols for using Animal Facility Disinfectant correctly.
We suggest you print this out and post it where it can be seen for easy use.

I you have any questions about the correct procedure for using our products, please call us at 1-800-869-4789.

How to Use Our Products

How to Use Our Products

How to use the V97 ProLoc Foam Gun

Need to Kill the Parvo Virus?

ProVetLogic’s Animal Facility Disinfectant has been certified to kill the parvo virus when used properly.

Homeowners will want to purchase the pre-diluted Spray and Wipe Product.

Veterinarians and animal care facilities should purchase either the One-Gallon containers of Animal Facility or the complete system.

Kills Parvovirus and Corona Virus

  • Spray and Wipe

    ProVetLogic Spray & Wipe Disinfectant


Kills Parvovirus and Corona Virus

  • Animal Facility

    Animal Facility Disinfectant – (4) 1 gallon Bottles


Lowers Costs By Improving Efficiency

  • ProLoc Dispensing System

    ProLoc Wall-Mounted Dilution System