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Cattery Products and Information

Catter Cleaning ProtocolWelcome to our Cattery Section. Please refer to our feline care manual  and our Cattery Cleaup Protocol for additional information on ways to improve your cat’s environment.

A cattery is a hygienic facility that can be built either indoors or outdoors. It provides a safe environment for individual cats to use.

Often, catteries are boarding places, similar to kennels, where cats can expect to be cleaned, fed and be attended to depending on their owners requirements. They offer an opportunity for cats to become more socialized by interacting with other people and cats.
Because catteries have the potential for disease transmissions, a good cleaning and maintenance protocol is important.

Additional Cattery Information

For details on cattery requirements, see The Cat Fancier’s Association.

Beginners may appreciate this simple page on Cat Handling Techniques.

Professionals should visit the Cattery Protocol on the cleaning protocols page.

Cattery Products