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equine stable cleaner

Is Your Stable Toxic?

ProVetLogic Stable Environment is The Stable Cleaner for Horses and Large Animals

Did you know that ammonia can damage an animal’s respiratory system? Even at low levels of ammonia, that noxious smell in your stable or barn can create a health risk for animals and merits an effective equine stable cleaner.

Ammonia is not just a nuisance odor, it can cause upper respiratory tract problems, putting the animal at risk for pneumonia and other serious health issues. That’s why a stable cleaner is so important. See also Is The Disinfectant I’m Using Everything It Says It is?

How is the ammonia created?

When an animal urinates in his stall, the liquid seeps through bedding and into the porous concrete, deep bedding or stall mats. Bacteria feed on the nutrients in the urea and produce ammonia. The noxious gas rises and is inhaled by the animal. As a result an acrid gas develops, which at best creates a very unpleasant stench; at worst, can damage tissue in the animal’s respiratory tract.

Results can include pneumonia, heaves or even equine CPD, otherwise known as asthma. Foals and other young animals are even more susceptible to ammonia’s damaging effects, as they spend a lot more time lying in the stall bedding. According to studies, an estimated 15 percent of all foals have severe respiratory disease before the end of their first year. Animals that may spend more time lying in the stall bedding, such as those recovering from injury, are more exposed to ammonia’s toxic fumes.

Stable Cleaner

Did you know?

Hay BaleTest studies have revealed that 75 percent of horses that are kept on bedding without ammonia-reducing compounds suffered inflamed pharynxes – the area between the mouth and esophagus. But, only 25 percent of horses stabled with an ammonia reducing product had inflamed pharynxes.

Controlling Ammonia!

Control ammonia by implementing the following protocol:

1. Use quality bedding material 2. Clean area daily 3. Deep clean weekly 4. Provide good ventilation

Although these measures help control, they won’t completely prevent the buildup of ammonia. Ammonia reducing products, such as STABLE Environment from ProVetLogic, are important and critical to animal health.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS for Equine Stable Cleaner

  • Flash Point None
  • Biodegradability Complete
  • Rinsability Excellent
  • Solubility Complete in water
  • Phosphate None

Eliminate The Natural Way

Degrading organic matter, eliminates the host. Eliminating the host is the first step in reducing the chance of cross-contamination and noxious odors. In the animal environment where organic matter can embed into porous surfaces a bio-enzymatic solution is needed to penetrate deep into the soil buildup and surface.

STABLE Environment is the perfect solution for use at Equine Stables and Veterinary Hospitals, Organic Farms, Zoological Parks, Petting Zoos or wherever large animals are housed.

Eliminate the Host & the Noxious Smell of Ammonia!

1. Use quality bedding material 2. Clean area daily 3. Deep clean weekly 4. Provide good ventilation

Zone Cleaning Protocol Stable and Barn

Get the Safety Data sheet here. V09_Stable Environment Bioenzymatic_SDS

ProVetLogic’s Stable Environment is available in these convenient sizes:

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