As ProVetLogic continues to grow and gain recognition throughout the country, we are often asked “What differentiates ProVetLogic from other product and service providers to the Veterinary and Kennel Services Industry?”

In Continuing Education we believe there are two answers to this question:

ProVetLogic Continuing Education

1. State-of-the-Art Bio-Security:

The combination of ProVetLogic Solutions and Protocols provide a strong and continuous link of disease prevention and odor control from the waiting room, to the treatment area, to surgery, to the boarding kennel and back. Most of all, our process reduces or eliminates germs (Asepsis) and the causes of nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections in patients. This results in less time in the facility, healthier animals and happier workers.

2. Reduced Operation Overhead:

Secondly, many For-Profit facilities need to control operating overhead to increase corporate profits.  Nonprofit facilities need to do the same just to keep their doors open. Reducing the time involved in training new workers provides immediate benefits to the facility and the patients.

Our Continuing Education Tutorials Focus on Immediate Concerns

As a result of this need, we developed the ProVetLogic Educational Series to assist your facility staff in creating the cleanest and safest working environment possible. Through a combination of basic technical concepts and specialized cleaning techniques, this series will help you reduce the risk of cross-contamination and create a disease free, odor-free and reduced risk environment.

Learn proper cleaning techniques and why they matter through our course.  We purposefully avoid medical jargon because not everyone has a medical background, even though their work has a profound impact on the animals they care for.

You are welcome to take a course as many times as you like to achieve the score that you want.
If you have any problems with the course or need further explanation about a procedure, please contact us.