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Pet Odor Control Products Eliminate Stains

Pet Odor ControlPet soiled areas, left unattended become more difficult to clean concerning stains and odor control.
Soak up urine stains while they are wet.
Then apply an enzymatic odor remover. It will break down the proteins in the urine and react with the chemicals in it, diminishing the odor.

Persistent odors may encourage your pet to reinforce urine scent marks. Likewise, even synthetic pet turf can not be neglected and should be cleaned using a specific protocol.

“Who Done It?” is a multi-enzyme spotter, deodorizer and protector for carpet and upholstered surfaces for pet odor control.
Kennel and Turf Care is for synthetic turf.

Learn the proper way to remove synthetic turf odors here.

Prevent Pet Laundry From Keeping Offensive Odors

While removing pet stains demands immediate attention, pet laundry should also come under periodic review.
Pets excrete oils fluids that need to be addressed.