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Pet Friendly Dish Solutions



Prevent disease transmission with Pet Friendly Dish Solutions

Bacteria found in dirty food and water bowls can not only cause illness to pets, but to us humans as well. The most common illness that that is derived from dealing with pet food bowls is Salmonella, but that’s not the only one: E Coli, yeast, mold, fecal coliform and staph infection are potential concerns as well. Communal water dishes can be a breeding ground for giardia, an intestinal parasite. Our Pet Friendly Dish Solutions protocol can help.

To help avoid contamination, we recommend the following “Food service” style protocol:

  1. Wash: In sink or tub #1, prepare a solution of ProVetLogic Pet Formulated Dish Detergent and water. Dip the bowl into the solution and scrub to loosen and remove soil.
  2. Rinse: In sink or tub #2, rinse the bowl using clean water to remove any remaining soil or detergent residue.
  3. Sanitize: In sink or tub #3, prepare a solution of Sani 512 Sanitizer and water. Dip the bowl into solution, remove immediately and place on a rack or surface to air dry. Do not hand dry!

Do not soak or leave bowls to soak overnight in the sanitizer solution and especially not in a bleach solution. The solution will damage stainless and aluminum bowls and penetrate plastic bowls (avoid these bowls if at all possible).


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