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Pet Groomers Tools & Sanitizer

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Groomers' Tool SanitizerThis new innovation in grooming tools and clipper sanitizer is the perfect solution for any size grooming establishment. This multi-task formula can be used as a surface spray or as a pet groomer tool soaking solution.

Pet groomers rely on a variety of tools to ensure the proper grooming and care of pets. These tools play a crucial role in maintaining the hygiene and appearance of pets, allowing groomers to perform tasks such as brushing, trimming, and bathing. By using appropriate tools, pet groomers can efficiently and effectively meet the grooming needs of a wide range of pets. One groomer that we know uses the ProVetLogic products is We Talk Dog.

Pet Groomer Tools & Clipper Sanitizer

Pet Groomer Sanitizer

  • Developed specifically for the Pet Grooming Industry
  • Effective against a wide range of diseases that affect both cats and dogs.
  • Great for sanitizing grooming tools, clippers, tables & equipment
  • Veterinarian Approved
  • E.P.A. Registered, Tested & Approved
  • Safe & Easy to use, measure, dilute and dispense Precision Pour bottle
  • Non-chlorinated
  • Pleasant smelling

Groomers Tools: Unlock the Secret to Perfect Pet Care

Are you tired of struggling to keep your furry friend looking their best? Look no further, as we introduce you to the ultimate solution: groomers tools. These indispensable tools are the key to achieving salon-quality grooming results right at home.

Whether you have a dog, cat, or any other beloved pet, our wide range of groomers tools is designed to cater to all your grooming needs. From high-quality brushes and combs to nail clippers and electric trimmers, we have everything you need to transform your pet into a well-groomed superstar.

Say goodbye to expensive grooming appointments and hello to a stress-free grooming experience with groomers tools. It’s time to unleash the power of professional grooming in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to pamper your pet like never before and watch their confidence soar!

Pet Groomers Tools & Clipper Sanitizer

Developed specifically for the Pet Grooming Industry, Groomers’ Tool & Clipper Sanitizer is the perfect solution for hard nonporous surfaces in the grooming environment.

ProVetLogic’s Groomers’ Tool & Clipper Sanitizer is effective against a wide range of pathogens that are commonly found in the grooming environment including Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Ringworm, Feline Calicivirus, MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella and more!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Remove bottle cap and squeeze bottle until the liquid reaches the desired level at either ½ per 32-ounces of water or 1 ounce per gallon of water.

Groomers Tools Grooming Clippers & Electric Shears:

pet groomer tools Clipper

Measure ½ ounce of solution, add to a 32-ounce labeled spray bottle and fill with water. Remove hair and dust particles before treating blades. While the clipper/shear is running, hold in the downward position and spray.

Do not spray the solution on the clipper case or drip into clipper housing. Allow the blades to air dry before reusing.

Grooming Tables & Tubs:

Pet Groomers Tools

Measure ½ ounce of solution, add to a 32-ounce labeled spray bottle and fill with water. Remove heavy hair and debris. Preclean heavily soiled surfaces, using ProVetLogic Kennel & Turf Enzymatic Cleaner, to remove soil and other buildup of organic matter. Apply the premixed sanitizing solution to the surface. Brush or scrub if needed.

Allow the solution to stand for at least 10-minutes and rinse with fresh water. The surface is now ready to reuse!

Groomers Tools Soaking Solution:

pet groomer tools Comb Holder
To sanitize combs, brushes, razors, scissors, trimmer and/or clipper blades and nail instruments, remove hair and heavy soil. Measure and mix ½ ounce of solution per 32-ounces of water in a soaker jar. Immerse item for at least 1-minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry before use. Prepare a fresh solution daily or when visibly dirty.

Note: Plastic instruments can remain immersed until ready to use. Stainless steel shears and other metal instruments must be removed after 10 minutes, rinsed, dried and kept in a clean non-contaminated receptacle.

Stops Infectious Agents

Great for Carriers and Cages

  • Effective against a wide range of infectious agents
  • E.P.A. Registered, Tested & Approved
  • Safe & Easy to use, measure, dilute and dispense bottle
  • Dilutes 2-ounces per gallon or ½ ounce per quart.
  • One 32-ounce bottle makes 16 gallons of sanitizer

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