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Our  Pet Laundry Products Are Mild And Effective

Peroxide Powered Pet Laundry DetergentThe laundry created by your pets, such as beds or blankets, needs a deeper cleaning than everyday household laundry. Between dirt, grease and oils in the pet’s hair and skin, the odors can get intense. And while cleaning is a worthy goal, it is important that the detergent that you use also avoids harming your pet’s coat and/or olfactory sense.

Our Dirty Dog Peroxide Powered Laundry Detergent gives you the strength of a heavy duty commercial detergent, but without ingredients that can irritate animal skin.

Occasionally, You May Have To Wash Twice

If you still detect strong odors after washing, try soaking the laundry items. No agitation is necessary. Soak overnight and then rewash.

Air drying will make sure there is no shrinkage from excessively high dryer heat, although the tag on many pet items will indicate if dryer heat is a problem. Wait until the items are completely dry before allowing the dogs to wear them again.