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Pet Turf Cleaning Instructions

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Removing Pet Odors From Synthetic Turf

 Pet Turf Cleaning ProtocolThe following set of instructions can help you in your pet turf cleaning.
ProVetLogic’s Kennel and Turf Care is most effective when applied using the ProVetLogic Pro-Foam 2 multi-dilution, application and rinse system. Kennel and Turf Care can also be applied using a garden style pump-up sprayer. Watch the video below.

Turf Cleaning Protocol

FREQUENCY: How often a pet turf surface needs to be cleaned and deodorized depends on a number variables, including:

  • Climate: Hotter temperatures and more humid conditions support the growth of odor causing bacteria, requiring a higher frequency. As temperatures cool, the frequency will decrease.
  • Use: The more dogs that use the surface on the daily basis, the more times the turf will need to be cleaned.
  • The Nose Knows: As soon as there is a hint of a malodor, that’s the time to clean the turf. The longer the period between cleanings, the harder it will be to remove the source of the odor.

pet turf grass cleaningThe Cleaning Process:

  1. Remove all animals, toys, feeding and water dishes from the immediate area.
  2. Remove and discard all heavy soil, including animal feces.
  3. Remove sprayer cap and fill reservoir tank with full-strength Kennel & Turf Care.
  4. Insert desired dilution tip (refer to foam sprayer instructions) and reapply sprayer cap.
  5. Attach sprayer to water source and turn on water.
  6. Starting from the farthest area away from the entrance and walking backwards, apply the foam in a side-to-side motion.
  7. Apply the foam solution at least 12” up vertical surfaces including wood fences, exercise platforms, furniture, etc.
  8. Agitate stained areas using a synthetic bristle deck brush.
  9. Allow the solution to stand for 3 to 5 minutes.
  10. Remove sprayer from foam sprayer tank and thoroughly rinse the surface into the direction of drain.
  11. Remove all standing puddles before reintroducing animals to the area. It is safe to place animals on damp turf.
  12. Although Kennel Care is nontoxic, rinse all toys, feeding and water dishes that may have come in contact with the solution.
  13. For landscape chips, dirt, sand and other porous substrates apply as directed, but do not rinse surface.
Ounces Per Gallon Estimated Square Feet Per Gallon of Concentrate
2 (Purple Tip) 6,000 Square Feet
4 (Orange Tip) 3,000 Square Feet
8 (Blue Tip) 8 (Blue Tip)

NOTE: The surface odor may increase following the first application and require a second treatment to remove old, embedded organic matter.

How to Apply ProVetLogic’s Kennel and Turf Care

You can find this video and others on our YouTube Channel


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