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Disinfectants For Home, Clinic, Kennel or Zoo

animal facility disinfectantDisinfectants For Home, Clinic, Kennel or Zoo

On EPA’s N-list for effectiveness against COVID-19

Disinfecting Solutions generally kill bacteria on non-living surfaces like floors, counter tops or examination tables.Antiseptics are generally used to kill certain types of bacteria on the skins of humans and animals.

The important concept on disinfecting solutions is to understand the amount of chemical required to achieve the E.P.A. (we are not an FDA approved product) recognized kill claim. 

A common myth is that bleach can be used as a universal disinfectant. Not only is it ineffective, but it can also damage surfaces. 

See our bulletin on Bleach, “No Longer the Universal Disinfectant” for details.  Bleach is also a hazard for pets because it can be absorbed through the pads of their feet.  Bleach can cause upper respiratory illness in cats and other sensitive species. The proper use of the proper product can be more efficacious and less expensive. 

Establishing cross-contamination barriers is a proactive approach to minimizing the spread of infectious agents from one area of the animal care facility to the next. Blood borne pathogens, viruses and bacteria are found on virtually every surface that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

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