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Thank goodness I found a product that works!

What a great name "Who Done It?" I've adopted 2 dogs in the last year and sadly they weren't potty trained as well as I had hoped. My children said my "house smelled" The blue light showed stains all over my rug. I've been working on the stains and slowly they're disappearing. The newer stains disappeared almost immediately. Thank you for the rapid delivery.

Kennel & Turf Care: Great Product

Have been using this monthly for 4 years on the artificial turf in my back yard and it works great to minimize or eliminate the odor form my Standard Poodle Service Dog's urine. Easy to apply using ProVetLogic's foamer and then rinse off using sprinklers. Very pleased; thank you ProVetLogic.

Animal Facility Disinfectant - (4) 1 gallon Bottles


Always quick shipping! Who Done It is always a MUST have in my house with 4 cats!

Best stuff we have found

By far the best stuff we have used.
Well worth a couple extra dollars vs the odor covering crud at the big box home improvement stores.

ProVetLogic Kennel & Turf Care One Shot

We used this when the old shampoo was discontinued

The coat is soft, the dog doesn't scratch and the smell is great. What else can you ask a shampoo to do?

The Cattery Cleanup Kit
Unknown Unknown
Cattery Clean UP Kit Review

Great value for the price! That canister is the "cat's meow" ~ so convenient and easy to use and the towels inside are stong and sturdy. Love that there is a measuring cap on the top of the Animal Facility Disinfectant so it's an all-in-one product and the cage brush is high quality also. Thank you ProVetLogic for thinking about the cats!

Great when disease transmission concerns are important

We like the ability to switch handles on this one. Probably the best feature is that we can autoclave it to make sure it is really clean.

Love the 45 Inch Length

Finally, we can get an apron that doesn't drag the floor and make you step on it. Now find us some slip on boots, too.

A synopsis of a client testimonial letter

I just wanted to take a minute to share how happy we are with the Stable Environment and Animal
Facility Disinfectant. I will start by sharing that we were more than a bit skeptical when you first brought
these products to our attention. Our keepers were doing a very good job of cleaning our cat enclosures
and making sure there were no offending smells for our public to notice, but oh, those Lynx. We were
using special detergents, Simple Green, Odor Bye Bye, PDZ in and around their enclosures. Our keepers
were spending a lot of time cleaning, scrubbing, spraying each morning to get the enclosures truly clean
and by the end of each day we could still smell an ammonia aroma where they had been scent marking.... We ordered your products and did a second training demo with many of our keepers so they could see
how and when to use the products. Again, we chuckled a bit when you professed how well it would
work and how with daily use our results would be even better. After four months of use, all of our Lynx
enclosures are aroma-free, even at the end of long summer days. Our cleaning time has been reduced,
all of the keepers report that the process continues to be efficient and our guests have noticed the
difference too.

It lets them know we take disease transmission seriously.

People watch you when you enter a treatment room and when you leave it. Having the ProVetLogic Animal Facility Disinfectant wipes in a handy dispenser makes it easy to communicate that we clean up in between visits because it is important to stop disease transmission.

Save some shipping costs

So I only need one bottle, but I don't want to pay $12.95 for shipping. Well, since I already have a PRIME membership, I will let them pay for that. This is great!

Dual handles is a nice feature

The ability to switch to a longer handle is a real convenience. The squeegees also seem much sturdier than the cheaper ones.

Handy Pump

Just like 5 gallon pails, you can't have too many pumps around for separate products. This one has a nice feel to it.

Worked well on the retaining wall. Like the one-shot bottle.

We used ProFoam on the retaining wall behind the house. Tree sap, grime and dirt collect there. The foam stayed on and forced the grime to break loose.
We are pleased with the result. Now that they offer it in a one-shot bottle, it can be less expensive than buying the big foam dispenser.

Comfort and Relief

We used the wipes to clean the ears on our large dog. They were effective at getting out the stubborn, greasy dirt. The dog seemed quite relieved when we were done.

We got relief from the cat pee smell

Few urine odors are as persistent as cat pee. We followed the instructions, so we weren't surprised when the smell got worse. That's because the ammonia in the urine was being dissolved. We soaked the spot, blotted it up and let it dry. After a repeat treatment, the odor was gone.


Seemed to work realitive well. My synthetic grass still smells but it is better.


Seemed to work realitive well. My synthetic grass still smells but it is better.