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Unlike many companies, we actually answer the phone.  But we also recognize that not everyone wants to speak with us, so you can contact us using the form below or emailing us.  And to provide you with quick access to other important pages we offer these:

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Please use the form below to submit any support questions or call us at 1-800-869-4789.

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Why Trust ProVetLogic

Trust ProVetLogic product support

Trust ProVetLogic product support

Professional Animal Care Providers are facing many new challenges today. Facility maintenance, disease prevention, odor control and the environment now need to be integrated in their approach.

Training new hire personnel, as well as providing continuing education to existing staff can be very costly and time consuming. The ProVetLogic Educational Support Team has developed an easy-to-follow educational series with a focus on “Disease Prevention & Odor Control in the Professional Animal Care Environment.

Our products reflect our commitment to our process.

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