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Educational Support & Product Solutions

ProVetLogic Approved Veterinary Continuing Education Provider

Board of Veterinary Medicine Approved CE Provider
License No. PVD124

Veterinary Continuing Education

ProVetLogic Continuing Education License Veterinary Continuing EducationProVetLogic is pleased to announce that it we are approved by a Board of Veterinary Medicine to provide veterinary continuing education with a focus on disease prevention and odor control in the animal environment. ProVetLogic is dedicated to the health and well-being of animals and it is our goal to provide effective technologies and staff education, which will help reduce or eliminate germs (ASEPSIS) and causes of nosocomial infections of patients.

ProVetLogic offers a variety of educational and staff training tools, including:

  • Online educational courses
  • Staff training manuals
  • Protocol consultation
  • Multi-species protocol development and implementation support

Ask about Visual tools, such as color coded labeling and wall-mounted protocol laminates.

On our website you will find a number of protocols for cleaning hospitals, kennels, exam rooms and more.

Veterinary Continuing Education

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest industry advancements or consult with someone with experience in your particular area of need. Your learning doesn’t end once you leave the classroom and it gets tedious to have to explain everything to every person in your setting. Our on-line courses help provide you the information you need to deliver the best care possible to your patients.

Help train your new veterinary staff by asking them to view our on-line courses that aid in establishing contamination free zones, how to have a safe and odor free kennel and the proper methods for cleaning and disinfecting.

Upon successful completion of the test, a certificate of completion is awarded.

VetGirl has a list of state requirements.