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Save Money With Animal Facility Disinfectant Refillable Wiping System – Canister

Refillable Wiping System

  • Mix 1-ounce of Animal Facility Disinfectant with 32-ounces of water to create 160 wet wipe towels.
  • This reliable system is effective against Canine Parvovirus and 31 other animal infectious agents.
  • Remove pet hair, clean & disinfect in one easy step!
  • Spring-loaded lid prevents towels from drying!
  • Reusable canister helps protect the environment!

We love to discusses new uses for Animal Facility.  If the scale of your project goes beyond these handy wipes, call us to discuss our other dispensing systems.

Larry Shively demonstrates how to re-fill with Animal Facility

The efficiency of the refillable wiping system allows you to lower the cost of keeping your clinic or grooming area clean and prevent disease transmission.

Quick and Easy to use

Steps to use wiping system