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Finnesse Pet Shampoos and Hygiene

Finnesse Pet Shampoos and Hygiene

Enjoy Finnesse, our premium Shampoos -Hygiene product.

Many pet owners have learned the hard way that products created for humans, such as shampoo, do not work well on pets.

Our premium hygiene products replenish the skin’s natural moisture and effectively cleans and conditions, without stripping away need moisture barriers.

This is a new and effective alternative to old style pet shampoo formulas, many of which contain ingredients proven unsafe for pets.

Say goodbye to stubborn skin issues with our other Shampoo Products

  • Effectively fights stubborn skin conditions associated with bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms
  • Moisturizing and mild for routine baths
  • Safe for dogs, cats, horses and puppies, kittens and foals
  • Leaves coats looking fabulous

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