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SorbUp Disposable Mops

These disposable mops are more sanitary than cotton mops. They don’t hold odors like cotton mops and the non-cotton materials look cleaner longer. They are made with 100% post-industrial recycled materials.

Compare Sorbup versus Cotton
Absorbency Over 700%  160%
Release  Over 40%  17%


•More sanitary than cotton mops
•Doesn’t hold odors like cotton mops
•Looks cleaner longer
•100% Post-industrial recycled material
•Uses less material than cotton
•Limited linting
•No break-in required


The sorbup disposable mop has gained recent relevance in the cleaning industry. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this mop offers an innovative solution for general cleaning needs.

Its disposable nature eliminates the hassle of traditional mop maintenance, making it suitable for a general audience seeking a hassle-free cleaning experience.