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Techniques for Handling Cats

Techniques for Handling Cats

  1. Stay calm and be confident – Your stress will create stress in the cat.
  2. NEVER put yourself in harms way – Cat scratches and bites can be very serious so, let the cat go if you are at risk. If you are in a proper veterinary environment then they should be kept in an area where there is no possibility of escape or hiding.
  3. Always have control – Have the cat facing away from you and keep your hands on or near their scruff. Even the nicest cat will act out if they feel intimidated or scared.
  4. Talk softly – Keep loud noises to a minimum. Again, a stressful environment will make any cat react negatively.
  5. Know the difference between an aggressive cat and a scared cat. Like humans all cats have different personalities – Don’t go into every encounter with a cat as if they will be aggressive. Knowing the proper way to handle a cat will create a deeper understanding of what signs to look for when working with each patient.
  6. Have the proper tools – Sometimes the only way to handle an aggressive cat is with a net or towel. NEVER use gloves, as they terrify the cat and give you a minimal amount of control.

For more detail, see our Feline Care Manual.

Techniques for Handling Cats

How to Clean Around Cats

For the most part cats clean themselves. That doesn’t mean they clean their rooms. Like all creatures they shed hair, dander and other “surprises.” Cleaning up is pretty straight forward except for one thing. Do NOT use bleach.Do NOT use bleach

Cats are allergic to bleach. Something as simple as walking across a freshly mopped floor that was cleaned with a bleach solution can be a lethal moment for some cats. Bleach also affects their sense of smell. And if cats can’t smell their food, they won’t eat it.

For detailed information on cats, see our Feline Care Manual

How to Clean a Cat Cage

Techniques for Handling Cats

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