A Focus on Efficacy

By harnessing natural processes, our bioenzymatic technology provides immediate effects and longer-term residual benefits for cleaning and odor control. The residual cleaning effects and the extended microbial cleaning capabilities provide penetration and organic removal efficacy unmatched by standard chemical products.


The ability to find and select unique, specialized microbes is the cornerstone of successful technology development. We utilize an arsenal of proprietary techniques to isolate the unique microbes that differentiate our technology. This capability to screen vast numbers of isolates is key to our success. These methods allow fast screening of naturally occurring microbes to find rare strains with superior microbial activity, thus eliminating the need for genetic manipulation.


Numerous microbial properties may be needed for a product to be effective. Often organisms with different capabilities are blended together producing a consortium that works together to greatly enhance activity. Each strain may break down a specific portion of a large, complex molecule making smaller molecules that feed the entire microbial population. Strains that breakdown different components of organic waste may be blended to provide a wider range of activity. This synergistic blend can greatly increase product efficacy or provide products with a broader scope of application.


Often we can assist the microbes in a given product application by adding safe, environmentally preferable chemicals. Since microbial action tends to be less rapid than chemical reaction, non-toxic chemistry can provide immediate effects such as dissolution and removal of soils while the microbes provide residual, long-term effects. Product additives may utilize buffers, emulsifiers, nutrients, co-substrates, or biostimulants to maximize microbial effects in targeted applications.

Model systems are used to simulate real world environments allowing us to maximize effects of formulations and optimize dosage rates. Field-testing, often performed in collaboration with universities and customers, is used to corroborate laboratory findings.


The ingredients used in our Biological Technology are routinely tested to make certain that the microbes utilized are safe to use in their recommended applications. Extensive QA procedures guarantee products are active and consistent. All formulations are preserved by proprietary techniques to provide maximum product stability and shelf-life.

Core Technology

Visitor Hygiene

Touch-Points & Microbial Attack

Touch-Points are places touched by several persons multiple times per day. Control of contamination and surface damage caused by bacteria, mold and mildew are a serious concern for everyone.

Touch-Points (human contact), floors, ceilings, overhead pipes, passageways, process walls and doors are reservoirs for damaging and dangerous bacteria. It is a known fact that these microbes can live on surfaces that appear to be clean. Microbial growth can be activated by high moisture or temperature elevations. Standard cleaning and sanitizing protocols are often ineffective in controlling the growth of microorganisms.

There are two problems that are often caused by common cleaning chemicals; first is the adaptive nature of microorganisms to chemical attack. These microbes are becoming increasingly more difficult to destroy. The surviving microbes begin reproducing rapidly. Secondly, chemical residues and dead microbes become a food source for new microbes to feed upon and grow exponentially.

What is creating this need for ProVetLogic Advanced Cleaning Technology?

According to the World Health Organization, infection is the #1 cause of death worldwide and the #3 cause of death in the United States. Twenty-five years ago 90% of infections could be controlled by antibiotics. Today that number is less than 50%. US News and World Report says $50 billion or more is spent each year by US businesses due to absenteeism. Today’s chemicals, disinfectants and sterilants are causing microorganisms to mutate creating “superbugs”.

Mold is now considered a greater threat than asbestos and is far more prevalent. The CDC tells us that 80% of infection is passed by human hands.

The science behind ProVetLogic Advanced Cleaning Technology

ProVetLogic combines the proven protocols of hygiene with products specifically engineered to stop the transmission of infectious agents, while also introducing pro-microbial agents to aid in the elimination of persistent dirt and odors. ProVetLogic Advanced Cleaning Technology is your first “Line of Defense” in reducing cross-contamination and allergens.

The line of ProVetLogic Advanced Cleaning Technology products carefully coordinate the advances made in health care with products developed with those advances in mind.

Touch Point Zones for Visitor Hygiene