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ProVetLogic Videos Help You Know How to Use Our Products

We have gathered our videos into one long page for your convenience. These videos are also featured on our YouTube channel. Click the link in the video to visit the channel.

The page context links below the video will take you to the page where the video is featured in this website. Visiting that page may provide additional information on the best ways to use our products.

How to Apply Kennel And Turf Care

Larry Shively demonstrates the proper procedure to use when applying ProVetLogic’s Kennel and Turf care.

Click the link below the video to visit the Pet Turf Cleaning instructions page.

Implementing Protocols for Specific Infectious Agents

How to Stop Cross Contamination

Larry Shively presents the problems dogs encounter via kennel cough, dog flu, Covid-19 and other contagious diseases.

Visit the animal facility page to learn the steps you should take to keep the animals you are for from transmitting diseases.
For advanced training on setting up cross contamination zones, visit our free continuing education page, Hot Zones.

How to Refill ProVetLogic Animal Facility Disinfectant Wipes

Larry Shively demonstrates how to refill ProVetLogic Animal Facility Disinfectant wipes in your canister.

How to Use the V-97 ProFoam sprayer

Larry Shively demonstrates how to correctly use the ProVetLogic V97 Pro-Foam-sprayer to disinfect a veterinary kennel.

How to Properly Clean A Cat Crate

Larry Shively demonstrates how to correctly clean a cat create to prevent the transmission of disease while keeping the cat safe.

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