ProVetLogic Kennel Care is Now ProVetLogic Kennel and Turf Care.

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Kennel and Turf CareKennel and Turf Care provides technologically advanced cleaning action. By penetrating porous floor surfaces Kennel and Turf Care degrades and eliminates organic matter, such as food spills, animal waste, and other organic materials that accumulate over time. The synergistic mix of microorganisms and chemistry in Kennel and Turf Care works in two ways.

First, the chemistry provides immediate cleaning comparable or superior to industrial strength floor cleaners.

Second, the bio-enzymatic activity continues to degrade organic matter as it travels through floor drains and into soil collection traps. Kennel and Turf Care Floor Cleaner, Deodorizer and Drain Maintainer is a no-rinse floor cleaner designed using patent-pending technology that effectively removes stains and soils from kennel floor surfaces. It also contains beneficial microorganisms that are deposited on the floor through normal use of the product. The microorganisms work to control odors be degrading odor-causing compounds and organics that don’t get picked up through normal mopping.

This is especially effective for grout, cracks and hard-to-reach corners.
Kennel and Turf Care does not leave any visible or slippery residue on the surface after cleaning.


A kennel, dog run or play area surface can be made up of a variety of complex textures, cracks and crevices, becoming a magnet for soils. This is a perfect environment for the “HOST”, or odor and disease causing microorganisms to migrate and multiply. Soiled turf, concrete and other porous surfaces invite a multitude of negative impressions related to cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

Product Benefits

  • Degrades odor and disease causing organic matter (The Host).
  • Provides residual odor control for long lasting results.
  • Reduces plumbing costs through beneficial floor drain treatment.
  • 100% nontoxic and nonhazardous

Bleach – No Longer the Universal Disinfectant

  • Bleach As a Cleaner: Bleach has virtually no detergent, so a second solution will be needed to pre-clean the surface.
  • Bleach As a Disinfectant: The EPA now requires that any product, including bleach, that makes specific kill claims, be thoroughly tested for efficacy, registered and properly labeled.
  • Stability: Commercial bleach can be very unstable in that the active ingredient (sodium hypochlorite) will dissipate over a very short period of time. Conflicting Chemistries: Mixing bleach with other cleaning solutions containing acids, pine oils, etc. can result in either the release of a toxic gas and in more serious situations an explosive chemical reaction.
  • An Economical Alternative: Since a second product is needed to pre-clean the surface, bleach can actually end up costing more to use than one-step disinfectants.
  • Surface Damage: Bleach is extremely aggressive to many surface materials, including vinyl, upholstered surfaces, most carpet fibers, and certain metals.
  • Hazards to Humans & Animals: It is well documented that sodium hypochlorite is a known carcinogen. It can also irritate skin and permanently damage eyes. In addition, bleach has a negative impact on an animals’ olfactory system (ability to smell).
  • Bleach and Food: Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) will naturally expand in its container. To prevent the container from exploding (especially gallon containers), the manufacturer will use a vented cap to allow the gas to escape into the air. This gas, in a confined environment, like a storage area, does have the capability of permeating surrounding surfaces, such as food bags and boxes.

Kennel and Turf Care


Try Our Precision Pour Products

Prcision Pour Steps


  • No costly equipment to setupKennel Care Precision Pour Floor Cleaner
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Single handed operation
  • Transported easily from location to location


  • Marked measurements at half ounce increments
  • Eliminates the need for measuring cups
  • Helps to ensure solution efficacy through precise measurement
  • Drastically reduces waste


  • Chambered for measured dilutions up to 4 ouncesPrecision Pour Kennel Care
  • Single plugged neck makes it impossible to bypass
  • Transparent bottle to monitor product level
  • 100% recyclable package

  • Maintains a cleaner, healthier facility with less effort
  • Reduced plumbing costs through beneficial floor drain treatment
  • Provides residual odor control for long lasting effects
  • 100% non-toxic and non-hazardous


  • Commercial Kennels
  • Animal Hospitals
  • Stables
  • Pet Grooming Shops
  • Animal Transport Vehicles
  • Zoos & Animal Parks
  • Poultry Farms
  • Pig Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Livestock Facilities